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Work began on this budget on May 3, 2021, with all day budget hearings.  Since then, Tuesday and Thursday evenings have been set aside to complete the work.  Highlights of the budget include a property tax rate of $1.5653, which is the same as last year.  This rate is projected to bring in just over $24 million.

A third party was hired to update the county salary scale and to provide recommendations.  Those included a 6 percent raise for all county employees.  The Sheriff’s Department also received several reclassifications to higher grades for many positions which results in salaries being competitive with other departments.  EMS paramedics that achieve the Critical Care licensure will also receive a stipend.  This budget represents approximately $1 million invested in county employees.

Capital expenditures include software and equipment for HR onboarding and training, as well as more exterior repairs to the courthouse including the parapet wall and windows in the original section of the building.  LED lighting projects at Milo Lemert, the Election Commission, and the Community Complex were approved, as were five patrol cars, three ambulances, five Lucas devices, and a transport vent.  A new fire truck and two brush trucks were approved as well as several projects at the jail.  The total capital expenditures were approximately $2.18 million.

First responders are a vital part of our county and should be funded as such.  I believe this budget demonstrates a continued focus in that area.

RESOLUTION 08-10-2021-1  Fixing the Tax Levy in Cumberland County, Tennessee for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2021.  There is no tax increase in this budget.  Your tax pennies will be distributed as follows:
General Fund Tax Rate $0.7711
Solid Waste/Sanitation Fund Tax Rate $0.1707
General Purpose School Fund Tax Rate $0.3636
General Debt Service Fund Tax Rate $0.2599
Total Combined Property Tax Rate $1.5653

This resolution was approved 16-0.

RESOLUTION 08-10-2021 -2 –To Approve and Adopt an Updated Wage Scale and Classification Schedule.  The salary scale was update after a thorough review by a third-party company.  This resulted in an across-the-board increase of 6 percent for all employees.  The Sheriff’s Department was given a salary adjustment to bring them up to the market value to compete with other agencies.  There were a few other positions that had various adjustments.  Overall, this budget invests over $1 million into our county employees.

This resolution was approved 15-0-1 with Commissioner Norris abstaining.

RESOLUTION 08-10-2021-3 – Making Appropriations for the Various Funds, Departments, Institutions, Offices and Agencies of Cumberland County, Tennessee, for the Year Beginning July 1, 2021, and Ending June 30, 2022.  This is the resolution that sets the budgets for the various departments.

This resolution was approved 15-1 with Commissioner Blalock voting against the budget.

RESOLUTION 08-10-2021-4 – Appropriations to Non-Profit Charitable Organizations of Cumberland County, Tennessee for the Year Beginning July 1, 2021 and Ending June 30, 2022.  This resolution approves appropriations to the various charities the county donates to such as the Cumberland County Playhouse, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

This resolution was approved 16-0.

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