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Deputies in Cumberland County went to a home on Gray Fox Court Friday after a resident discovered a bullet that traveled into the dwelling. An entry point was located on the outside of the structure near a bedroom. The round was found inside. An investigation resulted in authorities walking a trail to a nearby residence on Red Fox Court where small piles of spend casings were found. They encountered 37-year-old Brandon Paul French there who allegedly said he was shooting at an old television and tree in the direction of the victim’s home. French was arrested for reckless endangerment.

Story taken from the sheriff’s office report filed by the arresting deputy. It states as follows:

“I responded to a residence on Gray Fox Court in reference to a homeowner finding a bullet that went through his house the night before. Upon arriving and speaking to the homeowner, he stated around 7 p.m. on June 10, 2021, he heard a lot of shooting coming from somewhere on Red Fox Court. He stated that his family member said she thought she heard something strike the house around her bedroom. The homeowner said he was already in bed and didn’t think anything about it. When he got home from work the next day the family member found a bullet in the bed with her and he found an entry point on the wall on the outside of the house just above and to the left of the bedroom. He then found a hole in the wall inside of her bedroom above her bed.

Through my investigation, the round also went through a bathroom door and struck the wall in the bathroom and fell into a bed pan which resulted in the bullet ending up in the woman’s bed.

The homeowner spoke to his neighbors to see if they had been shooting and his neighbors across from him stated they heard the shooting and knew where it came from. I talked to the neighbor who heard it and he showed me the house it came from which is just through a patch of woods. He stated there was some loud talking/yelling while the shooting was happening which led him to believe there was possibly some arguing as well. He also said some of the rounds fired didn’t sound like they made contact with anything.

Myself and another officer followed the trail through the woods towards where the shooting occurred. As we were walking to the house, we found several piles of spent casings near the house. We also located a tree and an old television that had been shot near the spent casings. We made contact with the homeowner, Brandon French, who said he was shooting last night at the tree and the television which was in the direction of the victims house. Mr. French did state that he fired several rounds from the Glock 9mm. This did occur in Cumberland County, Tennessee.”

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