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Crossville police released a report this afternoon confirming a second suspect arrested in connection to a manhunt this past Wednesday.

The document is as follows:

On May 26, 2021, police responded to First National Bank for a female in a light-colored van involved in a forgery. An officer arrived and observed the vehicle operated by the suspect, 33-year-old Ashleigh Renee Inglis of Melbourne, Florida, leaving the bank and stopped at the intersection at Old Jamestown Highway.

Authorities observed the tag was not readable and did not appear to be a Tennessee registration. One officer turned around and approached the van. Inglis sped away and attempted to evade outbound on Industrial Boulevard towards Genesis Road. She continues on and eventually struck a vehicle.

One police officer advised they had to take evasive action after nearly being hit by Inglis in the area of Wayne Avenue and Genesis Road. The chase ended after Inglis ran off the road and hit a tree near the 300 block of Genesis Road. She and a passenger in the van, VonKeith Hall of Florida, ran from the scene. Inglis was arrested shortly after and a manhunt started for Hall. He was found later in the day in a wooded area off Genesis Road.

A check of Inglis revealed she had several active felony warrants out of Hillsborough County, Florida and Bradley County, Tennessee. Both agencies indicated they would extradite her. A computer check also revealed she had a suspended driver’s license out of Florida.

The unreadable tag on the van turned out to be made of construction paper and stickers. A wallet with an ID was located in the vehicle belonging to Hall.

Inglis allegedly admitted to several burglaries and thefts. She then stated she conducted the forged bank withdrawal. Police went back to First National Bank and collected the withdrawal slip and the debit card used. Surveillance video showed Inglis attempting to pass a stolen debit card and a forged withdrawal slip to the teller. She allegedly signed her name as “Megan Sherrill” on the slip. She also reportedly had a dark wig on and different clothing in attempt to look more like the subject she was trying to impersonate. The wig was located at the scene of the crash.

Officers then concentrated their search for a third suspect described as an African-American male with a white T-shirt possibly connected to the case. He was not found.

Inglis was arrested for reckless endangerment, theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, forgery, evading arrest, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident and altering, falsifying or forging a license plate. Inglis was also issued citations for failure to exercise due care and a having a switched registration

Hall was charged with evading arrest and altering falsifying or forging a license plate

Vonkeith Hall

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