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A few snow showers and flurries will linger tonight and into early Tuesday with temperatures near 22 degrees for the low. Becoming partly sunny Tuesday afternoon with a high near 38. We expect to climb above 40 on Wednesday and Thursday. I am becoming more and more concerned about a big system that could develop between Sunday and Tuesday of next week and could bring the coldest air of the winter along with the most significant winter storm in some areas, it’s just a little too early to tell where we’re going to fit into that picture but it has quite a bit of potential and I will keep you updated every day. One thing you learn to watch very closely as a meteorologist during the winter in Tennessee is very cold Arctic air that would settle in for a couple of days like this one looks like it may just after Super Bowl Sunday and then a low pressure forms to the west and moves in our Direction bringing moisture that clashes with the cold air. This is a common scenario to bring ice and snow to the volunteer state, stay tuned!!

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