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Roane State Community College has announced the President’s List for Spring 2020. The following students were named to the President’s List:

Thomas Alnutt of Spring City, TN

Samantha Amsden of Crossville, TN

Olivia Anderson of Harriman, TN

Pamula Anderson of Spring City, TN

Michael Ashburn III of Crossville, TN

Aidan Atkin of Crossville, TN

Lexi Bastian of Crossville, TN

Karri Berdy of Crossville, TN

Toshua Berdy of Crossville, TN

Alexandria Bolinger of Lancing, TN

Ryan Borum of Kingston, TN

Brent Boutelle of Jamestown, TN

Damian Brannon of Rockwood, TN

Taylor Brantley of Kingston, TN

Kaje Britt of Lenoir City, TN

Chelsea Brown of Loudon, TN

Preston Buck of Crossville, TN

Kaylee Bullard of Harriman, TN

Michael Bunch of Wartburg, TN

Sabree Bunn of Harriman, TN

Elizabeth Burnett of Loudon, TN

Elishia Calligan of Crossville, TN

Tanya Campbell of Crossville, TN

Noah Childs of Harriman, TN

Anthony Michael Ciccarelli of Kingston, TN

Marshall Cline of Wartburg, TN

Cally Copeland of Crossville, TN

Dylan Coulter of Spring City, TN

Haley Crabtree of Crossville, TN

Samuel Cummings of Harriman, TN

Earl Davis of Lancing, TN

Savannah Davis of Harriman, TN

Antoinette Day of Lenoir City, TN

Cassidy DeFelice of Kingston, TN

Kenneth Dooley of Harriman, TN

David Drake of Crossville, TN

Rachel Duncan of Rockwood, TN

Gioconda Duran of Harriman, TN

Jeremiah Eastman of Rockwood, TN

Autumn Edwards of Crossville, TN

Samantha Ezell of Lenoir City, TN

Kindra Fatih of Loudon, TN

Dessa Finnerty of Lenoir City, TN

Daniel Fleming of Kingston, TN

Hannah Frogge of Sunbright, TN

Hannah Fugate of Spring City, TN

Jacob Futrell of Harriman, TN

Brittany Gann of Rockwood, TN

Summer Garrett of Lancing, TN

Jolee Gasque of Kingston, TN

Isabella Gouge of Harriman, TN

Jacey Gouge of Wartburg, TN

Christina Gray of Kingston, TN

Erin Gray of Lenoir City, TN

Cora Green of Spring City, TN

Jesse Paul Griffin of Kingston, TN

Cindy Guinn of Harriman, TN

Benjamin Gunter of Wartburg, TN

Kaitlyn Gunter of Sunbright, TN

Seth Gunter of Kingston, TN

Justin Hairston of Loudon, TN

Cierra Hall of Kingston, TN

Summer Hamby of Crossville, TN

Lydia Harris of Crossville, TN

Caitlin Harrison of Harriman, TN

Makayla Harrison of Kingston, TN

Hannah Henley of Oliver Springs, TN

Jonathan Hennessee of Crossville, TN

Taylor Hensley of Oliver Springs, TN

Breeanna Hickey of Harriman, TN

Joshua Hill of Harriman, TN

James Hinds of Rockwood, TN

Mica Holmes of Harriman, TN

Stephanie Hood of Lenoir City, TN

Lindsey Horn of Philadelphia, TN

Cristina Howard of Oakdale, TN

Shanda Hughes of Kingston, TN

Allie Hutson of Rockwood, TN

Howard Hyle of Rockwood, TN

Lauren Iles of Greenback, TN

Kaylie Jackson of Harriman, TN

Yoana Jimenez of Loudon, TN

Andrew Johnson of Crossville, TN

Josh Johnson of Kingston, TN

Marney Jones of Harriman, TN

Olivia Jones of Oliver Springs, TN

Traci Jones of Oliver Springs, TN

Kristen Keeling of Kingston, TN

Bailey Keyes of Crossville, TN

Shanna Kreis of Wartburg, TN

Dawson Lane of Harriman, TN

Matthew Lane of Jamestown, TN

Journey Long of Harriman, TN

Olliana Long of Kingston, TN

Claire Matzek of Lenoir City, TN

Joseph McAbee of Harriman, TN

Anna McClure of Harriman, TN

Alexa McCord of Spring City, TN

Macie McGill of Loudon, TN

Emily Mcfee of Kingston, TN

Anna Meadows of Kingston, TN

Kyle Mikelson of Kingston, TN

Drake Miklas of Oliver Springs, TN

Lena Miller of Dayton, TN

Tabetha Myers of Crossville, TN

Brenton Nabors of Harriman, TN

Karlie Nance of Wartburg, TN

Merissa Nielsen of Lenoir City, TN

Emily Niles of Lenoir City, TN

Aaron Noe of Harriman, TN

Kelsey Norris of Grimsley, TN

Emma Norrod of Crossville, TN

Olivia Northrup of Sunbright, TN

Monica Norton of Harriman, TN

Stephanie Oakes of Harriman, TN

James Obenberger of Crossville, TN

Mary Oliver of Kingston, TN

Bethany Ooten of Sunbright, TN

Kristin Ooten of Jamestown, TN

Megan Packett of Harriman, TN

Ryan Parkin of Crossville, TN

Taylor Patton of Crossville, TN

Rachel Payne of Grimsley, TN

Kinley Pelfrey of Lenoir City, TN

Skylah Pennell of Crossville, TN

Makenzie Pentz of Crossville, TN

Kaylee Peters of Jamestown, TN

Daphne Pilkey of Ten Mile, TN

Casey Poland of Harriman, TN

Alyssa Poore of Harriman, TN

Laura Price of Crossville, TN

Ivy Queen of Crossville, TN

Savannah Quilliams of Harriman, TN

Haley Quinn of Crossville, TN

Heather Quinn of Crossville, TN

Joseph Quinn of Crossville, TN

Dakota Reagan of Crossville, TN

Morgan Roberts of Rockwood, TN

Briana Robinson of Harriman, TN

Cheryl Rodriguez of Crossville, TN

Ashton Rogers of Lenoir City, TN

Hannah Rolen of Lenoir City, TN

Lauren Russell of Harriman, TN

Madison Russell of Crossville, TN

Lindsey Salvato of Crossville, TN

Megan Satterfield of Oakdale, TN

Emily Scott of Ten Mile, TN

Melanie Seiber of Kingston, TN

Michael Severance of Greenback, TN

Courtney Sexton of Harriman, TN

Alexandrea Shaffer of Crossville, TN

Mindy Shaw of Clarkrange, TN

Karlie Sikorski of Crossville, TN

Emma Simpson of Harriman, TN

John Simpson of Harriman, TN

Alexis Smith of Spring City, TN

Aulbrey Smith of Grandview, TN

Emily Smith of Rockwood, TN

Sydney Smith of Rockwood, TN

Abigail Spigner of Crossville, TN

Maggie Spriggs of Crossville, TN

Devonna Stephens of Jamestown, TN

Teasha Stephens of Allardt, TN

Olivia Stringfield of Lancing, TN

Holly Stripling of Harriman, TN

Kenzie Sutton of Dayton, TN

Jessica Tabor of Crossville, TN

Emily Tacke of Crossville, TN

Amanda Threet of Lancing, TN

Megan Tinker of Harriman, TN

Ashley Tollett of Crossville, TN

Edward Truong of Crossville, TN

Carina Turner of Kingston, TN

Alexia VanWinkle of Jamestown, TN

Luke Vespie of Wartburg, TN

Nicholas Waller of Loudon, TN

Emma Ward of Harriman, TN

Katelyn Ward of Sunbright, TN

Mckenna Ward of Rockwood, TN

Mark Webster of Oliver Springs, TN

Jennifer Welch of Oakdale, TN

Chyanne Weston of Harriman, TN

Tonya Wilkes of Lancing, TN

James Willis of Harriman, TN

Mckaylee Willis of Spring City, TN

Katelyn Wilson of Crossville, TN

Garrett Wright of Kingston, TN

Brittany York of Rockwood, TN

Hailey Young of Crossville, TN

To be eligible, a student must attain a 4.0 grade-point average while attempting 12 or more semester hours of college-level courses; or earn a 4.0 as a student in the college’s nursing program during a semester in which the required course schedule is fewer than 12 hours; or earn a 4.0 as a student in one of the college’s selective admission health sciences programs during a semester in which the required course schedule is fewer than 12 hours.

The President’s List and Dean’s List are the official mediums for the institution to recognize outstanding academic achievement by students. The lists are compiled at the end of each academic semester by the Registrar’s Office and are noted on the student’s academic transcript.

Roane State is a two-year college providing transfer programs, career-preparation programs and continuing education. Founded in 1971, the college has locations in Roane, Campbell, Cumberland, Fentress, Knox, Loudon, Morgan, and Scott counties as well as a branch campus in Oak Ridge.

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