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The following is a press release sent to 105.7 News from the Cumberland County Solid Waste Department:

“With the increasing inquiries and interest by Cumberland County residents on how and what to recycle, we compiled an overview of the Cumberland County Solid Waste Department. We hope our residents gain a clearer understanding of the County’s convenience centers, recycling efforts, and our dedication to educate our residents about the safe disposal of solid waste and recyclable materials.

Cumberland County operates 15 manned convenience centers throughout the county which provide our residents an accessible means to recycle and dispose of solid waste. Each of these centers accept household trash as well as metal, motor oil, glass, house hold miscellaneous and recyclables. Recyclables can be in one container and consist of newspaper, magazines, cardboard, #1 and #2 plastics, aluminum and steel cans. Plastics numbered 3,4,5,6, and 7 (these numbers are located on the bottom of the plastic item inside the recycle arrow triangle logo) are not currently recyclable in Cumberland County and need to be disposed of with household garbage. A complete location list of Cumberland County convenience centers is posted on www.cumberlandcountytn.gov/solidwaste.

The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could not be more accurate than with recycling. The market value of recyclable material offers a great incentive for Cumberland County to recycle. There are growing opportunities for us to earn money by selling our recyclables to processors and manufactures who use them to make new products for less money than with raw materials. In an effort to offset the ever-increasing costs to ship our trash to out of town landfills, Cumberland County recycles many products. In 2019, Cumberland County saved $260,000 by recycling items!

In addition to the items accepted at the convenience centers, the Main Recycle Center on Maryetta Street accepts: florescent bulbs, tires, batteries, antifreeze, fence wire, propane tanks, oil base paint, fire extinguishers, electronics, and textiles. Items not accepted at any Cumberland County convenience center or Main Recycling Center are:  liquid fuel of any kind, landscape brush, leaves or grass clippings, construction or demolition waste. These items can be taken to Crossville Waste Disposal located at 81 Stevens Street, Crossville, TN and Selk Sanitation located at 544 East Lane, Crossville, TN for an additional processing fee.

Additionally, the Cumberland County Solid Waste Department hosts a “Household Hazardous Waste Day” every year at the Cumberland County Community Complex.  At this event residents can drop off any corrosive, flammable, toxic or reactive materials used in their home, garden or automobile. 2020 Household Hazardous Waste Day will be held on October 3, 2020. For a complete list of items accepted at this event go to www.cumberlandcountytn.gov/solidwaste

Cumberland County is also dedicated to educating the community about safe disposal of solid waste and recycling. Not only do we participate in community events to provide information and educate the public, we also have educational presentations and materials available for local schools and community organizations. Please contact the Solid Waste Department office at 931-484-9328 if you are interested in these programs.

Because of the increasing population and more restrictive regulations, solid waste disposal costs will continue to increase during the next decade for everyone. A better understanding of Cumberland County’s solid waste program will help keep operating costs down and make Cumberland County an even more beautiful place to live.”

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