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Pleasant Hill Mayor Lisa Patrick issued the following statement regarding concerns over the coronavirus:

“Dear Citizens of Pleasant Hill and our surrounding area,

Keeping Informed – Regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, Pleasant Hill Town Hall is doing its best to keep up-to-date with the CDC published info and the Tennessee Department of Health announcements. Pleasant Hill will distribute health information periodically as new information is released. The most important alerts to date are those which outline procedures to help curtail the spread of the virus within a citizens personal circle, and the community.

Pleasant Hill PSA flyer – A flyer was distributed throughout Pleasant Hill and is available at the Pleasant Hill Post Office, Linda’s Restaurant, Town Hall, and the PHC Community Church. Please take seriously the recommended procedures, especially for hand washing. There is also a new article written by our own Pleasant Hill resident Dr. Franklin Cobos II, who also happens to be on our Town Council. Please read carefully and apply his information to your care protocol.

The published guidelines for gathering are to postpone all events of 10 or more. We have a vulnerable community here in Pleasant Hill, and all measures help. If you question whether you should go somewhere in a crowd, or meet a number of people… then you probably shouldn’t. Don’t second guess yourself, go with your gut. Whatever it is, it can always wait. To date, many churches are suspending service until further notice. Call to check your place of worship, they may have an alternative mode of sharing their Sunday message.

What if I feel a bit off? – If you find yourself feeling ill, and think you are experiencing some of the symptoms, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and first start by calling your doctor for advice. Next, and until you speak to your MD, stay in your home unless it is an emergency. In the case of an emergency, call 911. If not an emergency, before you are diagnosed one way or the other, you don’t want to take the chance you may infect someone else. If you are self-quarantining, and if you live with others, that means your whole household needs to be quarantined.

If you are low on food or supplies, we have a caring network in our community… consider asking someone to get what you need and leave it on your doorstep.  If you live alone, keep in contact with others through email, texting, FB, etc. so they know you are okay. If you find yourself in a bind, contact Town Hall between 10 am and 2 pm and we will see if we can alert someone who can help you.

Town Hours and Business -The Town of Pleasant Hill is also tasked with doing its part to assure residents are safe. Although we will continue to conduct business during the hours of 10 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday, all business will be conducted through the window at the Clerk’s desk, and we will be sanitizing the surfaces, handles and doorknobs regularly.  This past year, we have been flexible with the office hours and conducted business after 2 pm. That will not be the case during this period. If you need Town Hall, be sure you call or come during office hours.

We love seeing our citizen come in to just say ‘hi’ day-to-day, but during this sensitive time, we are asking you to limit your visits into Town Hall to only urgent business, and short durations. It is imperative we stay healthy so we can continue Town business for the community.

If what you need can be handled by a simple phone call, please do. If you have a Trash Pickup payment, call us to alert us and use the drop box slot to the left of the front Town Hall door. If you need a building permit, we can get your info over the phone, tell you the amount for the permit, and fill out the paperwork so it is ready for you. When you come in, we will get your signature and you can be on your way.

Town Council Meetings – All Americans are being encouraged to refrain from any gathering of more than 10 people. Pleasant Hill typically holds its Town Council Meetings every second Tuesday in Town Hall. As of late, we have had more than 10 attendees in the monthly gathering. Therefore, the April 14th meeting will definitely be postponed, and future meetings will be suspended until further notice. Your Town Council will continue business through email, phone, texting, etc. The Mayor’s report will be published on the website and Facebook so residents are aware of what is happening in their community.

Recipe for Hand Sanitizer– Currently, it is very difficult right now to find hand sanitizer in our local stores, and even online. Here is a homemade recipe for hand sanitizer to let you make your own:

Mix the following Ingredients

1 cup of 91% isopropyl alcohol.

½ cup of aloe vera gel (natural or store-bought)

15 drops of tea tree oil (or another antibacterial essential oil)

Recycling at Town Hall – Recycling at Town Hall will be suspended until further notice. Jaramy will continue recycle pickup every 2ndWednesday of every month. To assist in this effort, please bring recyclables to the Recycling Center (on Rt 70 past the Dollar Store) that you would normally bring to Town Hall. We currently have a full load in the truck on recycle day, and would like to avoid the cost of making two trips into Town. Any recyclables you can transport to our local Center will be of great help to our maintenance crew. Thank you!

What to stock? – We are being advised to stock 2 weeks of supplies in case you need to self-quarantine. Most people have this already in their homes. Hand sanitizer and hand soap should be in plentiful supply. It does not have to be anti-bacterial soap. There is no need to over-supply on toilet paper. The reason it is in short supply right now is because people are hoarding. Buy what you need, and leave the rest for your neighbor. Nothing worse than to be without TP!

Kleenex is good to have on hand to cover sneezes and coughs. Make sure to discard immediately. If you live with others, and someone has been diagnosed, face masks and latex/nitrile gloves are recommended. Use disposable glove when shopping. Clean the cart handle before you use your buggy. Sanitizing cleaning wipes are recommended for surfaces on home (but note the instructions on the back say that to be effective, the surface needs to remain wet for an extended period of time). Some say zinc lozenges help ward off the virus from growing in your throat.

In summary – This is a questionable time, but I truly believe Pleasant Hill has such a unique community, who continues to endure through whatever is thrown at it. Yes, we are considered a vulnerable hotspot because of the many elders we have in our population. However, I’m constantly impressed by the tenacity of the folks who live here, and especially the self-sustainability of our locally-born residents. So many households successfully tackled 3 weeks of no electricity, no heat, and little mobility. We will do the same through this, support one another, and pull on our grit to make it through this calamity too.

Most notably it is imperative we take the suggestions for sterility seriously. Please abide by the guidelines and limit your exposure. Not only for your sake, but for others. By caring for ourselves, and watching out for our neighbors, we are a blessed community. Take heart, this too shall pass.

On behalf of the Pleasant Hill Town Council and our Town Staff,

Lisa Patrick

Mayor – Pleasant Hill

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