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The Cumberland County Board of Education director of schools evaluation committee met yesterday. Members discussed items of interest that could be used in a morale study for the school system. The focus of this study would be to determine an employee response to the director of schools. Teachers and staff of the Cumberland County school system can take part in the proposed survey. After discussing possible questions to be included on the survey, the committee created a first draft of items that could be used in a morale survey. The survey items selected by the committee are listed below.

  1. There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect within this school system
  2. I am generally satisfied with being an employee in this school system.
  3. I would recommend this school system (Cumberland County School System) to parents seeking a place for their child
  4. I feel supported by our Director of Schools
  5. Our Director of Schools encourages suggestions for improvement
  6. I feel comfortable raising issues and concerns with the Director of Schools
  7. I like the way the Director of Schools runs the school system
  8. The Director of Schools effectively handles employee discipline
  9. The Director of Schools seeks to understand the needs of faculty and staff.

A suggestion was made that each survey item be  followed by  a Likert-scale rating (possibly 1 through 5) and with an additional item similar to  “No opinion.” The rating scale has not been fully discussed at this point.

The committee will meet again early next month to discuss feedback from TSBA (Tennessee School Board Association), the director of schools, and possible changes, inclusion and deletions of items indicated in the first draft.

Over the next several days, committee member Jim Inman will begin a fact-finding mission to obtain details from TSBA  regarding  the cost of conducting a secure survey. That means TSBA will conduct the survey where teachers and staff can do the survey online and Cumberland County school officials will get the results once completed. Also details will be obtained of the delivery method and details, the security measures TSBA will use, TSBA’s recommendation for the time the survey should be open for responses, and the length of time that TSBA will need to prepare a final report. Inman will also provide TSBA with the first draft considered by the committee  and ask them for suggestions and feedback regarding those items.

The director of schools evaluation committee understands that it is the school board’s decision whether or not to conduct a morale survey and no action other than fact finding and or suggestions falls within the scope of the committee’s authority.

The school board could vote to approve putting the survey intention into play at their meeting on December 5, 2019. What is already on the agenda for that meeting is a contract extension for Director of Schools Janet Graham.

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