An attorney for a public school board in Kentucky claims complaints have prompted him to recommend the district remove “prayer lockers” from inside its schools. Pike County School Board Superintendent Reed Adkins said Kentucky’s Office of Education Accountability and a national organization advocating for separation of church and state received complaints about the prayer lockers. Students can request prayers for themselves or others by slipping a piece of paper into a repurposed locker. It’s unclear who started them. Attorney Neal Smith says he’s asking principals to stop the prayer lockers. He says religious student groups that meet before or after school are fine but having a space in the hallway during school hours and encouraging students to use it likely violates the first amendment.

3 Responses

  1. naomi

    I think Is wrong take away pray lockers. Ones don’t want Is fine . Let who wants and who don’t . You don’t take God away . People needs vote him out . I’m sorry my faith is with God. I wouldn’t want this on me when lay down at night . I’m God fearing person. This is wrong what he is doing.

    1. Phyllis

      Governor sign bill to be able to teach religion in schools. Leave the pray lockers alone. God needs to be in the schools, and homes that’s what is wrong with the world we live in today!

  2. Rebecca

    This country was founded on God. Keep removing him from everything and a prayer locker will be the least of the worries of this country. You took discipline out of homes home’s schools now there are school shootings and massacres children running for their lives people being shot and killed everywhere. It’s not the rules your passing it’s what you have been removing and the cowards we have voted into office that has allowed God to be removed that is allowing the spirit of antichrist to run through our schools homes and country. I wouldn’t worry about a locker full of hearts searching for God as I would worry about the kids plotting to kill them. It seems the more we go toward God the selected of satan press ever harder to get him removed in any form or fashion. I will stand for God. We want prayer, we want to hear the beginning prayers in school we want to learn about the bible. These kids want to know where their soul is going when u worry more about getting God out than protecting our children it seems the lines have been drawn and satan is in control of the laws the schools the government officials and there are no moral values or backbone in this country anymore. I would love to have some God fearing men stand up and say enough is enough. When is it offensive to Christian’s. It offends everyone else’s religion then it’s ok the Christian’s will now down well no not anymore. We have rights we will be fighting back for them. If my child wants to pray in the middle of class this is a free country and she will. This is an absolute disgrace. Cowards!!!

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