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Vanity, thy name is Mother-in-law!

A bride claims her soon-to-be mother-in-law wants her to dye her natural red hair so they don’t have the same color at the wedding.

The anonymous woman shared her frustration in a now deleted Reddit post in the community called Just No MIL (mother-in-law), “a place to get support and advice dealing with mean, nasty, toxic, and/or abusive MILs and moms.”

“JNMIL wants me to dye my (naturally red) hair for our wedding so she can be the only (cheaply dyed fake) redhead in wedding pictures,” the woman wrote.

Apparently the fiance’s mom wasn’t happy when her son got engaged to the woman after only six months, and when the couple moved 1,500 miles away, the woman became even more “difficult,” The Mirror reports.

When the mother-in-law inquired about the bride’s hairstyle plans for the Fall 2019 nuptials, she said: “Don’t you think people will think it’s weird you have the same hair color as [your husband]’s mother? I just don’t want you having to explain it to your family that we match.”

The bride told the woman that she’s never altered her hair chemically, and if she plans to do so in the future, it “certainly won’t be before the most photographed day of my life.”

The bride goes on to explain that the mother-in-law continued to pester her about dying her hair because she’s afraid people will have a hard time telling them apart in the family photos.

“I’m still upset you’re not listening to me about your hair color. I really don’t want anyone judging us for matching. Please reconsider. It makes me uncomfortable that you’d be willing to keep the same color as me when you’re marrying my son,” the woman allegedly told the bride.

“I want you to have all the attention you deserve on your big day. I’m looking out for you and don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable that the mother of the groom and bride look alike,” she added.

The bride claims the only reason the mother-in-law brought this up is because she “100 percent” need to be “the center of attention.”

“I’m still at a loss for words for a reply but at least I have an entertaining story for [my fiancé] and you all,” she wrote in the post.

Over 1,000 people commented on the thread with their opinions and suggestions for how the bride could handle the situation.

“A good response would be, ‘I seriously doubt anyone will have any issues telling us apart, but if you’re concerned, feel free to dye your hair back to your own natural color to avoid any confusion.’

“Definitely start with ‘well, you won’t be wearing white for a start’ (in case her crazy extends to actually wearing white to your wedding) and follow it with an invitation for her to return to her NATURAL color if she’s that worried about it.”

“This is stupid on so many levels.”

“This really sounds like a weird power move. It reeks of passive-aggressive manipulation.”

“I’ll ask the photographer to keep the extended family photos to a minimum so there won’t be many to confuse everyone. Thank you for sharing your concern!”

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