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No major changes for the next couple of days. Skies will be fair to partly cloudy through Monday with only isolated pop ups in the afternoon. High temperatures will be in the mid-80s with lows in the mid 60s. There was a pretty good shower in the South part of Cumberland County on Saturday but it just sat there and Faded Away with no rain in town. That is pretty much the way it will stay for a few more days with anything that develops being very scattered. A tropical storm could develop in the Gulf of Mexico early next week and that will start a chain reaction that will bring a major change in our weather. The storm will gradually move north into the u.s. And the high pressure will move out, that will eventually allow the jet stream to drop down and we will get much cooler next week. Rain is likely by Wednesday night and Thursday with high temperatures only in the 60s on Thursday and Friday low temperatures may drop into the 40s during the next 10 days. As a meteorologist this is an interesting time of year with lots of things going on across the country so stay tuned and I will keep you updated on all the developments.

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