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Dedicated construction workers know the workload won’t get any lighter as summer temperatures rise, making a quick dress code hack by a group of British masons all the more clever.

The Sun reported a group of bricklayers in Surrey, near London, beat the heat ‒ and a shorts-barring dress code ‒ by donning skirts and dresses to the worksite instead. The day prior, the men were shocked to learn they were not allowed to wear shorts to the project, a housing development, even though temperatures spiked upwards of 78 degrees F.

“I turned up for work on ­Monday and was told my legs had to be covered on site,” mason Simon Miles told the outlet. “Shorts were made for brickies. I was going to find another job and some of the other lads were really struggling and uncomfortable in jeans. We gathered it was a health and safety issue.”

“But we realized that as there were women working in offices on the same site in skirts, they couldn’t stop us doing the same,” he further divulged.

Thanks to gender equality regulations, the men couldn’t be stopped from wearing dresses and skirts to work, The Sun reports.

The next day, the bricklayers showed up much cooler for the wear in dresses and skirts raided from their female partners’ closets, or the women’s departments of local shops. Going about business as usual, the jokesters rounded out the look with requisite hard hats, neon vests and work boots.

Though the men expected to feel cooler in the creative look, they didn’t anticipate the extra attention they would receive.

“I’ve heard nothing like it in 20 years,” 45-year-old Miles recalled of the experience. “A bloke even wolf-whistled me. I’ve never had one of those before – well, not from a man.”

As for the other bricklayers, many are celebrating the newfound independence of being freed from long pants – and conventional sartorial restrictions.

Adam Houdoire, a 29-year-old bodybuilder, picked up a short leopard-print dress for $13 at the supermarket and says he couldn’t be happier with his new workwear.

“I love it. It gives you far more freedom,” Houdoire said.

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