Students at the University of Tennessee are raising concerns about a message painted on the “free speech” venue The Rock. Earlier this week, students noticed two words spray painted in white: “White Pride”, something they say they didn’t expect.  “Disgust and shock… that we still have people that would subscribe to that belief.” said Ryan Colbert, a Senior studying Vocal Performance. When she saw the writing, she tweeted about it, and so did others. “Free speech is great, but on a university campus shouldn’t there be a line that needs to be drawn?” said Aleah Vassell, a first-year grad student at UT.  Vassell says she’s already been in contact with the Office of the Chancellor to find out what the university’s policies are on free speech and the Rock. When asked about free speech and the university’s plans to censor words or phrases on the Rock they replied:

“The Rock is considered a venue of free speech and is typically self-policed by the campus community. There is no written policy regarding the Rock, although as a part of campus, our free speech policy and Hilltopics guidelines regarding bias apply to it.”

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  1. Amber

    So what is the problem with the words “White Pride”? It is NOT disgusting. How many times have we heard about “Black lives matter” not to mention that we have an entire month designated to Black History. Is that disgusting or better yet is it insulting? I personally don’t find anything offensive, racist, or degrading to any race by using the phrase “White Pride”. It is a huge part of history. It’s not Black VS White anymore. It is Black AND White in this Black OR White country. Removing our freedom of speech takes us back to a time that our ancestors fought against so we wouldn’t be made to endure a life of silence and repression.