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Graceland, the former-home-turned-museum of Elvis Presley, is an idiosyncratic place in its totality. But perhaps the crowning jewel of Graceland’s quirk is the Jungle Room. Elvis built the den onto his mansion in the mid-’60s. Its jungle atmosphere came complete with a built-in rock waterfall and green shag carpet, and he furnished it with ferns and lacquered wood furniture. It was ultimate at-home tiki bar. The Jungle Room also became The King’s final recording studio, where he recorded much of his last two albums. Graceland could be considered the mecca of American mid-century kitsch, but the Jungle Room is truly its best signifier. Its tropical trimmings are reminders of a bygone trend in luxury, now largely considered silly and over the top. It was allegedly a favorite place of his and his family’s, and the room’s tiki vibe is said to have reminded him of his time spent in Hawaii.