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I continue to have a beautiful forecast for you through Saturday with sunny days and clear nights. Afternoon high temperatures will gradually climb through the 60s and by Friday around 75 degrees. The nights will continue to be chilly upper 30s to low 40s. Tuesday morning temperatures dropped well into the 30s all across the area with 33 to 35 degrees reported in portions of Fentress, Cumberland and Van Buren counties. The coldest official reading was 33 in Allardt in Fentress County . After a warm-up this weekend, I see another cold front just like this one for the middle of next week. The national high temperature on Tuesday was 101 at Palm Springs California and the low was 13 at Mount Washington New Hampshire . We are two weeks from Halloween now and remember 2014 on Halloween we had light snow that night with one inch on the ground on the plateau the next morning. We have had temperatures of 80 degrees on Halloween so the weather can vary widely on that day.