During a work session of the Cumberland County Board of Education tonight, second district board member Robert Safdie suggested an additional 1 million dollars to the renovation and expansion of Crab Orchard Elementary with a catch. Safdie suggested the eventual closing of Pine View Elementary School once the renovation and expansion of Crab Orchard Elementary was completed.

The current project on deck for Crab Orchard Elementary School calls for 9.3 million dollars of work to be done in the next three years. With Safdie’s suggestion, it would boost the total project to just over 10 million dollars to tack on an additional ten classrooms to the current plan.

Director of Schools Janet Graham responded in saying that Pine View is an excellent school with a wonderful renovation that was done a few years ago. Graham added that Pine View must be treated as fairly as the other elementary schools in Cumberland County.

Fourth district board member and chairman Josh Stone said the board is trying to provide the best enviroment for Pine View but the state is requiring all county school systems to submit a cost that each school is undertaking for the education of their students. The concern is that Pine View has around 170 students compared to much larger elementary schools in the county.

Sixth district school board member Tom Netherton, who represents Pine View and Crab Orchard, then addressed Safdie with a comment.

I will be glad to take you to Pine View to tour the facility and even have a town hall meeting there if you wish.”

Graham, along with board member Don Hassler, said that Pine View has strong community support and is very close to ones who live in the area of the school.

Stone then said that the nearby industrial park to the school could show rapid growth in the future. If that takes place, Pine View will be needed to hold the additional children of families that could locate to the far eastern part of Cumberland County.

We have put too much money into Pine View to entertain possibly closing it” said Hassler.

The issue was not discussed again past that point.

6 Responses

  1. Benton Hickey

    lets have a little background on Robert Safdie. where is he from. where did he go to school. his education. his profession. …Pine View is a fine school and its location is very important to the area and will be in the future as well

  2. Donna Roy

    Years ago I had the opportunity to help chaperone the children from Pine View to Washington D.C.. I can honestly say these children were well mannered the whole trip. I NEVER heard a smart mouth the whole trip. The teacher’s and parents that were on this trip bragged about their school. I do not live in your community but do you seriously want to shut a school system down that instill such great values to these children. Look around at your other schools they are no where near the excellence of this school. I challenge ALL SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS to visit this school before you make your decision. Small community equals better leaders for our future.

  3. Robert Jolley

    Pine View is an excellent school for those on the eastern edge of Cumberland County and should be maintained to support the local communities.

  4. Lyndsey

    Pine View is a school that my parent went to, that I went to, and that now my son and soon daughter will be attending. It did have a lot of money put into the school. Kids asst pine view are more advanced than a surrounding county. Well when nht soon changed schools for one yr… he repeated previous yrs work. LOVE PINE VIEW