Over 8,000 signatures have signed an online petition asking for the removal of a rude television reporter.  According to the petition, which was posted on the “change.org” website, KIM KING, a reporter from WLOS 13 Asheville NC, attended a press conference in Tennessee regarding the horrific Gatlinburg area wildfire. During the conference, she was extremely rude to the Mayor of Gatlinburg, interrupting him constantly and proceeding to blame the city of Gatlinburg for the lack of notification on the wildfire that NO ONE COULD PREDICT OR STOP.

The petition request that station management take this woman off the air.  The petitoners go on to say  “The state of Tennessee, and states all over the nation are coming together to uplift those affected by the fires, including the brave and heroic first responders who risked their lives during this devastating time”.

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3 Responses

  1. Margo

    After watching this news report, I have to say I do not feel the reporter was rude. She was aggressive and direct in her questioning, not rude. The mayor shut her down, as I think he should have under the circumstances. People often get their feelings hurt and get a bit touchy when they feel cornered or threatened in some way. Emotions are flaring as big as the wildfires right now, a little kindness can go a long way. Why threaten someone’s job due to those sensitivities? Hopefully a lesson has been learned by the reporter and the harm done can be smoothed over and forgiven.

  2. Marc

    She did her JOB. Local officials have cleared themselves of responsibility. Do you really think that is enough? Would you feel so if your loved ones had died? Are they afraid of questions or inquiry?

  3. Margaret

    I do not see, after watching the press conference, that the reporter did anything wrong. She did not interrupt the mayor, Norbert did she disrespect anyone that died because of the fires, she was asking questions that were about the fire and for reasons evacuations did not occur in a more effective way. In retrospect, these questions will all be discussed, in order to review actions that might be improved in the chance any emergency situation occurs. It seems that the residents of Tennessee should be the ones upset, so far those in favor of the petition are from other states.. I think we should allow Tennessee residents to grieve in peace. Allow them to make their own decisions on what is inappropriate.