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Cumberland County and the City of Crossville have voted to fund a new adoption center to be built across from our present animal shelter, with  a budget of $180,000. For the last year, FOCCAS has been hard at work, raising money to fill a variety of needs for our shelter. While we are proud to have had so many opportunities to be of service to the animals living there, our long term goal has always been to put ourselves in a position to monetarily give assistance to the county and city in the construction of a new adoption facility and shelter. Except when funds are earmarked for particular purpose, either by the donor or when raised or a specific program, 50% of all funds raised have gone into our “new building fund”. Our hard work has paid off and we presently have $15,000 thousand dollars in that fund, and it’s growing. We believed we could continue to raise funds for the project and make a substantial contribution that would enhance the health, safety, enrichment, and well-being of the animals who find themselves in our care.

Dreams sometimes have a way of erupting into reality in the most unexpected ways. Recently, FOCCAS was contacted by an individual who was interested in making a substantial donation to our organization. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, has committed to donating $100,000, to be used entirely to contribute to the construction of the new adoption facility. FOCCAS has been asked to oversee how these funds are used and we take this responsibility very seriously. Obviously, our members are thrilled at this individual’s generosity and compassion for the abandoned pets in our community.

FOCCAS has set a goal to raise $250,000 by the end of February 2017 and thanks to our donor, we are almost half of the way there. We hope this generous donation will inspire the citizens of our county to embrace and support this project by donating themselves, whatever amount they feel they can afford. FOCCAS has always believed that raising the public’s awareness of the shelter would foster a desire in the community to become engaged in creating a kind, compassionate, responsible culture of animal welfare here. By helping support and fund this project, the citizens of Cumberland County have the long awaited opportunity to make a lasting difference in how our community houses and cares for the staggering number of animals that find themselves at out shelter.

To contribute, volunteer or become a member, please click this link:  http://foccas-tn.org/ 

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