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Linary Road work scheduled 7-8-16

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We will have a section on Old Hwy 28 in Linary closed tomorrow at the old Grist Mill, Daddy’s Creek Bridge. An accident occurred there last week, and we have to replace the guardrail that was destroyed. We are not sure if this will just take 1/2 day or an entire day to do so. The Road Closed Ahead sign will be at Lige Rd, so you can turn around there. The other Road Closed Ahead will be at approx 2967 Old Hwy 28. The road will not be closed there at these areas but letting you know this is your warning that at the Bridge, it will be NON PASSABLE. Please use alternate an alternate route such Rhea Rd. to get to Old Hwy 28 to drive back North on old 28 to get to a residence if needed. Very sorry for this delay, but the guardrail is very important to get back up in place as soon as possible. Thank you all. Robin Griffin Cumberland County Road Department.

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