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The song goes “signs, signs, everywhere is signs”, and that’s certainly the way it’s shaping up in Crossville. 1057 News has reported on a home on Mockingbird Drive having various slanderous-type signs in the front yard. The writings on those signs at the home of James R. Blankenship, have been pointed toward City Council Member Jesse Kerley. Now another series of signs have been placed across from the City Hall on property owned by Kerley’s grandfather Wendall. These signs point toward City Council Member Pete Souza and say things such as Souza=Liar,
Souza=Corruption, Tax Cheat, Souza Told Lies Now Say Goodbye and Souza Plus 5 Wives=Witchhunt. Blankenship’s truck was parked at the City Hall, and inside the bed, an13645208_1204866346222560_7041693119441590440_nother series of signs were displayed in it’s bed, calling Kerley a Weenie, calling to expunge Kerley, and stating that “Council Boy Kerley Independence Day Abuse of Power.” Blankenship also spoke during the community comments section of the meeting. He thanked the council for allowing him to use freedom of speech and then aimed several accusations at the council saying that he had received threats, and that his mother had been called a liar and such. He said that the only thing that had not been taken from him was his dog’s collar. He then shook that item in the direction of Kerley and left the podium. 1057 News could not get to Kerley for a statement, but when asked about the signs across the road, Souza said that he had “no comment.”

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